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June 5th, 2009, 12:16 am



I'm going to be at the MoCCA Arts Festival in New York City this weekend (June 6-7). I will be sharing a table with Matthew Hawkins, Hilary Florido, and Katie Skelly. Our table number is 232. Please come visit us if you are in town. There should be lots of really exciting, up and coming comic artists as the show.

I will be selling copies of OSCP and the first issue of a new mini I just finished called Sunflower Club.

As for OSCP, the online web comic version, issue one will conclude this Sunday. I will take a break and continue updating with issue two or some new materials on June 14th.

Thank you for your support of the comic so far! I appreciate everyone's comments here! They give me motivation to keep working on the comic. :-)

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